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Musicians have been appreciating the pristine sound they can achieve with Palmer® products for decades. Whether live or in the studio. “Be true to your sound” today also means the purity of the sound signals for both studio pros and home studio users.

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  • Palmer peene

    557.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer PAN 02 PRO

    428.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer LS 02

    389.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer LI 04

    369.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer PEDALBAY 40

    173.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer PEDALBAY 50 S BAG

    86.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer PAN 04

    205.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer wipper

    252.00лв. Купи
  • Palmer CAB 112 BX V30

    651.00лв. Купи