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Palmer wipper


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Passive DI box

  • Balancing and impedance matching for guitar, bass, keyboards & synthesizers
  • Eliminates ground loop hum thanks to galvanic transformer isolation
  • Extremely fail-safe, no power supply required
  • THRU-output for passing the input signal to the amplifier
  • THRU-output jack can also be used as second input to sum two input signals
  • Pure and unaltered low-noise audio
  • Handles even high-level inputs without distortion
  • Switchable 30 dB pad for extremely high input levels (e.g. amplifier output)
  • Solid casing made of aluminium and steel
  • Incl. rewritable tour label for attachment onto the back of the wipper
  • Engineered in Germany



Musicians have been appreciating the pristine sound they can achieve with Palmer® products for decades. Whether live or in the studio. “Be true to your sound” today also means the purity of the sound signals for both studio pros and home studio users.


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